Alchemy’s Hunger


After escaping the grip of his dark cabal, Tony Harris is finally close to redemption. With
one spell, the mage can resurrect the woman he once called mother. All he needs is a Conduit- a being that holds endless magical power. But his world is turned upside down when the Conduit turns out to be a quirky, overly optimistic woman named Faith. Now Tony must choose; bring Cybil Constance back to life, or give his heart to the only person who believes in him. With the surviving cabal members hot on his tail, Tony is unsure he’ll live long enough to make a choice.

Faith Conway longs to forget the abusive relationship she escaped two years ago. But between her emotional scars and her over protective mother, she has lost faith in her own instincts. Now, thrust head first into the Wyrd, the only one she can trust is a devastatingly handsome mage who promises to keep her safe.  Despite his promises,  Faith wonders if Tony’s devilish smile will only lead her to more pain.