Why Readers Are Awesome

I’ve come to the crashing conclusion that I’m really awful at keeping official blogs.  I’m not sure if its because I choke under pressure or I just lack the drive but I am so not consistent with keeping them updated.

Last week I had an idea to talk about how jogging has helped me keep my thoughts on track for Dryad’s Vine. I had it all in my head and ready to go! Then I sat at the keyboard, stared at it for a while, and went to lunch.


My life.

Its probably for the best. I am not constructed to write these inspirational posts on the craft because frankly, I still have no idea what I’m doing. Well, I have a vague idea but half the time I’m just slapping my hands on the keyboard and screaming. So instead, I’ll share a really awesome moment I had while attending ConDor con.

While sitting at the Wyng’d Lyon booth I met a reader. A reader I didn’t know personally. He picked up a copy of Siren’s Song at the convention last year and then returned this year to tell me how much he enjoyed it. To say I was stunned was an understatement. Someone who I didn’t know or communicated with on a regular basis enjoyed my book. Like, actually enjoyed it. With hand gestures and everything.

For the first few seconds of the conversation I made a face that pretty much looked like this: O_O

After I stopped making the O_O face I started giggling like a dumb ass. Then came the infantile clapping and chanting of “Oh my God, SERIOUSLY? You liked it?! SERIOUSLY?!”  He was a damn good sport while I gaped at him like a cheerful wide mouth bass. Eventually I got over myself and we had a great conversation.

His visit made my day. Actually, it made my entire month. Having someone take the time to tell me how much they enjoyed the Wyrd Love series so far was the greatest motivator for Dryad’s Vine, ever. I went home and typed my fingers to the bone I tell you. To. The. Bone.

My round about point of this story is how you, the readers, are so very important to us. Your reviews, your word of mouth, and your cheers of encouragement are amazing for morale. Having readers is the most incredible feeling in the world. Hell, I’m still walking on air knowing someone out there liked the damn books!

If you ever see a writer you admire at a convention or reading and are feeling too scared to talk to them, don’t be. I assure you 99% of the writers out there would be over the moon to hear about your feelings on the book… though most of them won’t react as dramatically ridiculous as I did.

And if any of you come to greet me at a con, I will welcome you huge smiles and open arms.

Beware folks, I’m a hugger.


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