State of the Wyrd address.

I figured this would be a good time to answer a few questions I have gotten about the Wyrd Love series.

Seriously, I have gotten questions on this. Yes, I’m as shocked as you are about it.

So I might as well put them out here for the curious!

How long will the Wyrd Love series be?

At this point, it looks like it will be at least ten full length books long plus a couple of novellas. I’m constantly getting ideas so it may change. Actually it most definitely will change.

After Dryad’s Vine, will that be it for the Constance sisters?

Not necessarily! While I don’t plan to circle anymore stories around them directly, the Constance girls have gotten themselves quite a rep in the Wyrd and will make an appearance here and there in other books. Also, I will be releasing some short stories about what happens after the Happily Ever After in their stories.  Some of those stories will be newsletter exclusives so be sure to subscribe to get access to them first!

Well, if not the Constance sisters, who else is there going to be?

I drop hints about upcoming characters in each book.;) You  have already seen a few in Valkyrie’s Spear and Siren’s Song. After Adelle, Valerie, and Phoebe are settled the next wave gives you a peek into Reina Vetrov’s past with her gal pals known as “The Fearsome Threesome”. I am so excited to write about them!

Are we ever going to find out more about Cybil Constance?

… Perhaps.

What about Tony?!

Anthony Harris will be returning in both Dryad’s Vine and in Alchemy’s Hunger. I have no idea why l like writing about that bastard, but I do.

Are we getting any vampires in this series? 

Including Reina? Oh, at least three.

Werewolves? Trolls? The Fae? More mages?!

All of them are in the line up. MWAHAHAHA!

Will Wyrd Love be the only series you work on?

Oh HECK no! Though I will say it will be the longest series. There are others cooking and being worked on while I play with the Wyrd Love series, including a Steampunk trilogy and perhaps some erotica floatin’ around in mah’ noggin.

Who does the cover art for the Wyrd Love Series?

That would be two very talented artists. Lynne Anderson does the artwork and Jennifer Anderson does all the layout and lettering. I wouldn’t have beautiful books without either of them.

Thanks for indulging me for that moment. Got any questions? Feel free to lay ’em on me in the comments or at 🙂


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