Insecurites, game plans, and eating lots of chocolate.

As I’ve said before, way too many times probably, I’m brand new to this whole published writing thing. While the writing part I understand, it’s all the OTHER stuff that makes hair turn prematurely grey. Marketing, promotion, building a brand, etc.. Don’t get me wrong, that entire world is fascinating but it does make my eyes cross.

I’ve been commiserating with fellow author Marie Andreas about these insecurities. Marie, if you’re reading this, thank you for listening to my whining! We both happen to be at the same point in our career, floundering about the self publishing world like goldfish dropped on the carpet. I’ll be honest, Marie is doing a much better job than I am because my marketing and promo plan mainly consists of waving my arms around and making loud grunting noises.  So I’ve been coasting, writing the Wyrd Love series, stumbling along the internet hoping to God someone will notice it. I can definitely tell you that arm waving is not a tactic that works. At all.

I work a full-time job on top of writing. Combine that with a limited income, recent car problems and a slipping house foundation (I feel like I’m living in the suburban version of Crimson Peak sans Tom Hiddleston and the gothic angst) all I’ve hit are brick walls.  So in response I moped and ate a ton of chocolate.  Five pounds later I decided to put my big girl panties on and do something about it.

At my last RWASD meeting, I won the book The Naked Truth About Self Publishing in a raffle. Not the first book on indie publishing I’ve gotten to be honest but when I started reading it, you’d think the light of God came bursting from the pages and blessed me  with  all the Ah HA! moments in the world.  The advice in The Naked Truth… is sound but what encouraged me while reading was that despite my job and financial situations I could do this. I needed that book to tell me that. I needed to hear that there wasn’t some magic formula, just perseverance, drive, and a damn good story to tell. I know a lot of people wish there was a magic formula, but hearing that there wasn’t was comforting. I didn’t have to be one of the “chosen ones” who happened to stumble into success, I just had to do the damn work! That’s what I plan to do. There’s probably not enough chocolate in the world to push me through so I’ll have to combine it with wine to make sure I keep going.

There’s a difference between a hobby and career.  I wrote as a hobby for years because I was busy perusing a career elsewhere. Now its time for me to buckle down. After putting down The Naked Truth… I scrambled to my notebook and wrote up a 2016 game plan;  where I’m going, what my goals are, what I am going to do beyond waving my arms around and consuming large amounts of Hershey bars. Yes, I’m ankle-deep in working on Dryad’ Vine but my hope is to have most of my ducks in a row by the time its ready to roll. Maybe after that, you’ll start to see more of me than just in this tiny corner of the internet.

I know I can do this, dammit. I know it.

Now where’s that chocolate?

**You can pick up a copy of The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing on amazon.


4 thoughts on “Insecurites, game plans, and eating lots of chocolate.

  1. LOL!! I wondered who was jumping around over here ;). Thank you for the compliment, but I’m pretty much working off the “throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks” stage ;). A friend asked me a few weeks ago “we’ll you’re making money, right?” I laughed so hard I almost feel out of my chair ;).

    I totally agree with the no magic formula, and it’s true, I’m glad there isn’t one. We need to keep reminding ourselves this is for the long haul, and that businesses take time to succeed. We can do it!!!


    • *LOL* You’re sticking better than I am!
      Funny enough, when talking to my tax guy about my books he said “So what, will you make maybe 5k? 6k? off this?” and I almost popped something laughing at him. Yeah…5k. 😉

      Its comforting knowing that its all about the long haul and less about insta-success. That’s definitely one of the reasons I’m still plowing through. 🙂


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