Valkyrie’s Spear is Out!

ValkyriesSpearCoverTITLETook me long enough, SHEESH!
Sorry about the three-day delay , folks. Life got crazy for not just me, but for my cover artist and editor as well. But at long last, Valkyrie’s Spear is out into the wild! YAY!

You can pick it up on Kindle for $2.99. 

If ebook isn’t your thing, you cal also pick up a paperback copy at Wyng’d Lyon Creations. You can request to get your copy signed AND get a special charm to commemorate the release!

Wyng’d Lyon is also offering a bundle special where you can snag both Siren’s Song and Valkyrie’s Spear at a discounted rate. This is for a limited time only so jump on it now!

Special thanks for my beta readers, Karine, Stacy, Jennifer, Eleanore, Lisa, Ace, and Christine. And a huge thank you to my proofer Helen Gerth and cover artist Lynne Anderson. You guys are amazing!

I hope you all enjoy the story! It was a tough one to write, but now Valerie and her angel Matthew have very a special place in my heart.


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