Siren’s Song is Released! Plus, A Contest!

It’s out! It’s out, it’s out, IT’S OUT!

finished coverDid I mention that Siren’s Song has been released?;)

Siren’s Song has been released! WOOO! This is the first book in the Wyrd Love series. The second one is already in the works. If you haven’t already, I have both Kindle and paperback copies to the tale available.
Siren’s Song is on Kindle for $2.99.
And you can pick up a signed  paperback copy at Wyng’d Lyon Creations for $15.99

At Wyng’d Lyon you’ll see a text box on the order page if you want your copy personalized. I’ll even draw a little picture in there for you if you request it!  Check it out when you can! I’ll be over here, hyperventilating in the corner.

And be sure to join my mailing list! If you join by February 6th, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of the following awesome prizes!

  • A signed copy of Siren’s Song.
  • A print of the beautiful cover art by Lynne Anderson.
  • A Funko Pop Rocket Raccoon Bauble head figure.
  • A $10 Amazon gift card.

The winners will be announced on the mailing list on February 8th. So if you want a chance at some awesome prizes, join up! The mailing list is also a great way to see cut scenes, sneak previews of upcoming books, and other special contests I won’t be running anywhere else. And I promise I will not spam your mailbox! 🙂

Thanks everyone for the support!



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